Tuesday 10 July 2012

Buffalo TeraStation TS5400 4TB NAS

Buffalo has added a couple of new NAS appliances to its portfolio. The TeraStation TS5400D (4-bay) and TS5200D (2-bay) are aimed mainly at small business users, and feature dual-core Atom processors and lots of fast DDR3 RAM. They also boast a completely new user interface.

Buffalo is unusual in that it ships its NAS boxes pre-populated, which makes them expensive, but at least it removes the headache of drive compatibility. I've written a short piece for ZDNet UK about the 4TB version of the TS5400D, but below are three of the performance charts from Passmark Performance Test 7.

The TS5400D costs £850 for the 4TB version.

The TS5400 has a locking front door and a bright status panel

Four hot-swap drive bays are pre-populated and configured in a RAID-5 array

Passmark Performance Test's overall Disk Mark shows good random read/write performance

The 2GB of memory and dual-core/4-thread CPU help give good  performance in the  Web Server workload test

A surprisingly good result in the workstation workload test

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