Thursday 28 June 2012

AVM Fritz!Box 7330 and 7360

Not content with adding the budget 3270 model recently, AVM has just launched two single-band VoIP routers, the Fritz!Box 7330 (£125) and 7360 (£148). These are based on the flagship 7390 model, and unlike the 3270 they feature an analogue phone connection and a DECT base station. I've written a news piece about them for ZDNet UK, and below I have included the high-res versions of the internal photos I took of them. They use slightly different Wifi chips from Atheros, but there's no functional difference, and their wireless performance is fairly similar. They look like an interesting alternative to the eye-wateringly expensive Fritz!Box 7390 for SIP aficionados.

Update: My review of the 7330 for Computeractive is now available online.

The Fritz!Box 7330 uses the Atheros AR9227 Wifi chip

Both models use the same case

No antenna cables - the Wifi and DECT antennas are bent metal on the motherboard

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  1. Great photos, I saw these on ZDNet and had wished they were higher resolution :)

    I have to say I purchased two open box 7390's from Amazon warehouse deals and had to return both of them for different reasons.

    One had lots of echo on the PSTN line along with phantom calls. The other had no echo, but had phantom calls and reduced my BT Infinity sync speed from 80/20 to 50/19 - not happy! Still waiting for my BTO Modem to sync back up to full speed after that experience!

    Looking at your excellent photos, it seems that the 7360 has a completely different motherboard layout to the 7390 which gives me hope that it has a complete redesign that may eliminate the problems I was having with the 7390.

    I am struggling to find anywhere in the UK, or abroad for that matter where I can purchase the 7360. They seem like gold dust!

    1. Hi Mike - I can't find any UK resellers, and the AVM PR can't either - they will appear eventually, no doubt. In the meantime there is a French site that claims to be selling the International version for €160 with free shipping to the UK (
      I don't know anything about this company, however.

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