Friday 10 December 2010

Review: Viewsonic Viewpad 10 dual-boot tablet

Tablets are all the rage, and Viewsonic has entered the fray with two models - an Android 2.2-based 7in device, and this one, which is a 10in tablet with both Android 1.6 and Windows 7 Home Premium (and no, it won't run Android 2.2 as that doesn't support the Viewpad's x86 Atom CPU - yet).

My review has been published on ZDnet UKIT Reviews and Computeractive. I wasn't too impressed with Windows 7 in multi-touch mode - it works much better with a stylus.

Note that the Viewpad 10 appears to be identical to Novatech's nTablet, although Novatech's product has a larger 32GB SSD, a working 3G SIM slot and the option of Windows 7 Professional. It doesn't have Android, however. Computeractive has a full review of the nTablet.

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