Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Buffalo unveils next-generation 802.11ac router and bridge in the UK

Buffalo today announced the UK launch of its Airstation 1750 (WZR-D1800H-EU) router and Airstation 1300 (WLI-H4-D1300-U) wireless bridge. These are the first 802.11ac products to go on sale here (they have been available in the US for a couple of months), and cost £199 each. Both use Broadcom chips. To learn a bit more about what 802.11ac promises, read my earlier overview article.

I have samples of each of these products under test at the moment (retail packaging pics are shown below), and will be publishing my reviews in the very near future. I can't say much more at the moment, but my initial results do look rather interesting.
The WZR-D1800-EU is an 802.11ac 4-port Gigabit router

The WLI-4H-D1300-EU is a matching 802.11ac 4-port bridge device

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