Friday, 25 May 2012

Review: Netgear Powerline Nano500 set (XAVB5101)

For some reason, it's been a busy time for new Homeplug products. Netgear's latest offering is a miniature 500Mbps model based, as usual, on the Qualcomm Atheros AR7400 chipset. The nicest thing about these adapters, apart from their excellent performance and very useful software utiliity, is their incredibly compact size. They are no wider than most standard UK plugs, making them easy to plug in anywhere. You can read my full review over on ITProPortal, and see performance results compared to some other models on my recent review of the similarly-priced Devolo dLan 500 AVMini adapters.

The adapters are a perfect fit in a double mains socket

The optional utility software lets you turn off the adapter LEDS

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