Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Review: TP-Link WR2543ND 450Mbps router

TP-Link has finally launched its first 3x3 MIMO 450Mbps router, after announcing a model at the 2011 CES that never actually saw the light of day. It's a budget single-radio dual-band model, with Gigabit LAN ports, and has plenty of good features for the price (around £70), although it's not particularly stylish and you will need a suitable adapter for your PC/notebook in order to connect at 450Mbps (I added one of these to my Acer Aspire netbook at the beginning of 2011). You can  read my full reviews over at IT Reviews and Computeractive. (But note that IT Reviews has attributed the review to the wrong author - I've asked for it to be corrected).

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