Wednesday 3 November 2010

Review: Belkin Surf Wireless Micro USB adapter

Computeractive has just published my review of Belkin's tiny 150Mbps 802.11n wireless adapter, which is remarkable for fitting inside the diameter of a £1 coin. Although not part of the review, my informal performance tests using Passmark showed it to be capable of throughputs (at 1m from a Fritz!Box 7270 router) of around 50Mbps, which isn't far off the speed of some 300Mbps adapters I've seen.

It must be the season for miniature dongles, as Solwise has just launched a very similar product, the NET-WL-UMD-606N, for the remarkable price of just £7.50. Quite a difference compared to the £30 that Belkin is asking...


  1. Hey Kelvyn,
    I was unable to understand - does belkin's product come with a USB or MicroUSB interface (connector)?


  2. Hi @Anonymous: It has a standard full-size USB connector. The 'micro' just refers to the size of the dongle.


  3. Did you ever test the Solwise product? I'd love to know if it matches the Belkin's performance at that price.

    I want to disable the built-in wifi on a Samsung Netbook (the internal card is atrocious and when it works, it's best with 4yr old drivers) with a dongle as small as possible. These both look like contenders but, obviously, £7 is more appealing than £30 :)