Sunday 20 May 2012

Review: Synology Diskstation DS112j

I do like Synology NAS devices. Although the physical construction sometimes seem a bit flimsy (they tend to use all-plastic cases for the desktop models), the DSM software is superb, especially the latest version 4 (you can try out a live demo of this on their website).

One of its latest products is the single-bay DS112j, aimed at consumers. It is a decent product, but to be honest I'd probably spend an extra £40-£50 and go for the 2-bay DS212j version which allows you to create a mirrored RAID array for a bit more peace of mind (I've reviewed the DS212j for Computeractive, too, but it's not online yet). But these days every £ counts, so if you really don't need redundancy the DS112j is well worth putting on your shortlist. Read my full review over on Computeractive.

I've included my Passmark Performance Test results graphs below for your interest. I use the Advanced Network Test and run the four standard workloads - File Server, Web Server, Workstation and Database. The limitations of the moderate processing power (1.2GHz) and 128MB of RAM in this budget model is apparent - for a little more oomph, there's a business version, the DS112, with a slightly faster (1.6GHz) CPU and twice the memory.

Web Server workload

Database workload

File Server workload

Workstation workload

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