Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Review: Solwise PL-500AV-4PE 4-port Homeplug switch

Homeplug is all very well when you can't use Wifi or wired Ethernet, but if you have to buy an adapter for each piece of kit it can get expensive. This Solwise 4-port Homeplug 500AV switch is a great solution. Read my full review on IT Reviews.

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  1. These look quite interesting but there is no release date yet and even on some sites it just states they are not available yet.

    Im going to guess they will work with my existing AV 500's from Solwise?

  2. @Anonymous - Solwise has this product in stock at

    And yes, it works perfectly with the 500AV adapters - I tested this product with a pair of Solwise 500AV 'Piggy' adapters.