Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Review: Synology DS212j

Synology's consumer twin-bay NAS enclosures are excellent value and great for those who just need some centralised storage with basic redundancy. The DS212j is very easy to use and supports up to 3TB Sata hard disks. It also has Synology's outstanding DSM interface, which is very easy to use and comes with loads of add-in modules. You can even use it to host a blog or website. Don't be put off by the cheap-looking plastic casing, these are pretty solid devices inside and have a great feature set.

Read my full review over on Computeractive, where it earned a Buy It! award. (Note that this review was done almost a year ago, but has only just made it onto the Computeractive website for some reason).

Below I've posted the results of my standard Passmark Performance Test 7 performance tests, using the Advanced Disk Tests and two Hitachi Cinemastar 250GB hard disks (this was tested before I got the WD Red disks). It's not particularly fast, but perfectly acceptable for an entry-level product.

Database workload

File Server workload

Web Server workload

Workstation workload

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