Friday, 30 November 2012

Review: Lindy Wireless-N Wifi Repeater

Wireless repeaters seem to be having a bit of a mini-boom, as users discover more and more dead spots in their Wifi coverage. A repeater can help, but they do have limitations and should be used with care. As they basically re-transmit all wireless data packets, they do affect the overall speed of the network, as I found with this bizarre-looking model from Lindy. It's very affordable, and works reasonably well, but it feels very cheaply made and has an awful quick install guide. For my full review, head on over to Computeractive.

Below, I've included two graphs showing the performance with a Linksys EA4500 router at 25m with the repeater turned on and off. As you can see, the signal becomes much more reliable, even though the average throughput is still fairly low at around 13Mbps.

The web interface is truly atrocious, with misleading instructions and discrepancies with the manual

Performance at 25m with repeater off

Performance at 25m with repeater on

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