Friday, 12 October 2012

Windows 8 OEM/System Builder UK launch prices

[UPDATE 25/10 - added revised prices]

UK specialist hardware site has just published the discounted UK launch prices for Windows 8 boxed versions on its website. Although upgrade prices have been known for a while, this is the first time I've seen prices for the System Builder (OEM) versions. It states that the prices are valid from October 26, 2012 to 31 January, 2013. The prices seem to be much lower than the Amazon pre-order prices, so presumably the Amazon prices are the prices we'll see after the launch discounts expire.

Note that there is now no full retail version  - this has been replaced by the System Builder (OEM) version, and the new Personal Use license for this allows anyone to buy these versions for installation on a self-built PC. There are now no restrictions on transferring OEM versions to another PC - with previous OEM licences, the OS was locked to the hardware, making upgrading the motherboard a nightmare). So this version of Windows 8 looks like a bargain for DIY builders.

These prices compare very favourably to the $69.99 and $139.99 prices for the US standard and Pro versions. It will be interesting to see if there's any additional discount for online (ESP) download versions from Microsoft's online store.

Missing from QuietPC's price lists are the prices of the Media Center Pack and Windows Pro Pack. The former adds Media Center and DVD (MPEG2) playback capability to Windows 8 Pro, and the latter does the same for Windows 8 and simultaneously upgrades it to Windows 8 Pro. Amazon is showing the Windows 8 Pro Pack as costing £49.98.

(All prices include VAT and are for boxed DVD media)

UPDATE 25/10/12 - These prices have now changed as indicated:

Windows 8 Professional (OEM/System Builder) £49.99  £108.98

Windows 8 (OEM/System Builder) £39.98 £71.34

Windows 8 Pro Upgrade (DVD boxed version)  £29.99  £49.98

Scan has also posted some Windows 8 prices, but these are higher, and are perhaps the non-discounted prices.

Windows 8 £76.90
Windows 8 Pro £109.30

To read more about Windows 8's features, grab a copy of the latest issue of Computeractive magazine, where you'll find my in-depth guide to the new OS.

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