Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Another day, another home network standard

Just saw a press release from the Home Grid Forum (thanks to FierceIPTV's newsletter) crowing about how they've finally managed to ratify the last bit of the home networking standard. From what I can gather, they've finally joined up the data layer with the physical layer, which means that now chip manufacturers can go ahead and start making real things. Well, hoo-ray. actually has commendable goal: it's intended to work over any kind of physical interface in the home - wires, coax, mains, phonelines, that bit of string you had left over from Xmas, and so on. Will it succeed? I haven't a clue. I'd delve into it more, but to download anything from the HGF's library you have to regsiter for each document. Great idea, chaps - how about a single sign-in to complement your single network standard?

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