Thursday, 15 November 2012

AVM Fritz!Box 3370

AVM has launched quite a few new models this year, trying to please everyone with assorted combinations of features. The latest 3370 model drops all the VoIP and telephony features has VoIP support for AVM's free FritzApp FON, with the full range of VoIP settings found in other models, but dispenses completely with analogue phone ports and DECT. The FritzApp FON can be used over Wifi or LAN on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. [Thanks to reader Philippe for the tip - the VoIP features are hidden unless you tick a box for FritzApp support on the WLAN settings page].

The 3370 is AVM's first 3-stream (450Mbps) 11n model. It only has a single radio, though, so can only work on one frequency at once. At around £150, it's quite expensive for what you get, but Fritz!Box aficionados are quite used to that.

Performance is pretty mundane (see graphs below), although better than the previous 2-stream models at long distance. You can read more on my post for ZDNet UK's First Take blog.

No, it's not my house

The inside is pretty bare now the hardware telephony stuff has gone. There are 3 antennas - one is at the bottom right, soldered vertically to the motherboard. the other two are under the usual 'fins' at the top.

2.4GHz @ 1m

2.4GHz @ 25m

5GHz @ 1m

5GHz @ 25m

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