Wednesday, 1 February 2012

AVM Fritz! WLAN Repeater 300E

AVM's existing Fritz! WLAN Repeater N/G has recently been joined by this new 300E model. It does away with the old model's touch-sensitive display, and adds a Gigabit Ethernet connection instead of the audio-out ports and FM transmitter. It is one of the easiest repeaters to setup (without using WPS) that I've come across, although it's not the cheapest. I've written a short preview of the device for ZDNet's First Take blog. If you're buying one for use in the UK, make sure that you get the International version - this has a 2-pin euro-plug, so will need an adapter for UK sockets, but the web interface is multilingual. There is no version with a UK plug.
The 300E loses the touch display and audio ports

It features AVM's superb web admin interface

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