Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Review: QNAP TurboNAS TS-219P-II

QNAP's NAS enclosures might not be particularly cheap, but they have plenty of features. This two-bay model has hot-swap drive bays, a 2Ghz Marvell CPU, 512MB of RAM and lots of Qpkg add-ons to keep advanced users happy. You can read my full reviews on Computeractive and ITProPortal (the new name for IT Reviews)

Also below are the performance results using Passmark's Advanced Disk Test (Computeractive doesn't publish these for bare enclosures). I used my standard setup of three identical 250GB Hitachi CinemaStar drives in a RAID-0 configuration. As you can see, it's no sluggard.

It features two quick-release hot-swap drive bays 

These are Passmark's overall Disk Test results

Database workload (90% read/10% write, 10% sequential/90% random)

File Server workload (80% read/20% write, 100% random)

Web Server workload (100% read, 100% random)

Workstation workload (70% read/30% write, 20% sequential/80% random)

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