Friday, 22 January 2010

Go away, Ovi Suite!

I love my Nokia N86 8MP phone, but Nokia's PC connectivity software is a pile of junk. I've used fought with PC Suite for several years, and tried Ovi Suite 1 but couldn't fathom it at all. PC Suite isn't too bad, except for its huge download size (260MB? Why?) and it insisting on installing Windows drivers every single time you connect (see the pic below if you don't believe me..).

So the other day when Nokia announced its free turn-by-turn guidance upgrade for Ovi Maps, I thought I'd try out version 2 of Ovi Suite. Hah! This bloated pile of poo failed trying to update both itself and the firmware for my phone. It also failed to update the Ovi Maps app on the phone, leaving it broken.

After a reinstall I got Maps working, but Ovi Suite was taking hours to sync anything, even over USB. Finally today it took over 2 hours to send a text message, so now I'm happily (well, almost) back on PC Suite.

What is the problem, Nokia:? I'm using Windows 7 and PC Suite integrates much better than the newer Ovi Suite - I don't want a bloody great window appearing when I start my PC, and when it updated itself Ovi Suite sent a 'Restart' message via a Windows 7 compatiblity screen, the first time I've seen this.

Add to this an inability to set detailed sync options in Ovi ('sync' seems to be a one-way option..) and a truly terribly user interface, and there's no wonder people have a dim view of Nokia phones. And we won't even mention the abysmal Ovi Store...not today, anyway.

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